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The deck that they did ha many problems:

1. Not level

2. part of sunk down over 1/2'

3. They did not dig out before putting down the bricks so now my drain plug is below the bricks

4. I had drains put in and the water does not drain to the drain

5. They broke the bottom of the brick fence when thay took out the old cement

I have tried to get them to fix it but they do not return my calls. I would not recommend them to do any work on your pool or deck.

on more thing, I have auto fill and they did not connect the overflow to the drain

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Extremely fast response. 1 day tear-out, one more day reapplied plaster.

Threw in quartz at no charge. So fast and efficient that mid-way we added in refinishing the pool deck, including tear-out and re-laying about 300 sq ft. of concrete deck. Total project, from initial draining to refilling: 7 days, including 2 days for us (not them) to revise the job.

Two caveats: (1) know what you want before you start work (2) clean-up was good but could have been better (small plaster debris in driveway, etc.) About as fast and efficient as I could ask.

So far completely satisfied with the results. These crew's seem able to take care of any pool-relate


It was great. Everybody was professional.

When they said that they would be there at a specific time, they were. The end result was beyond our best expectations. I would recommend them to anyony wanting to build or remodel a pool.

It was a super experience. Bobby is the best, as are Travis and Luis.

Fort Gaines, Georgia, United States #232298

Jeff Kerber did the pool work. Stains everywhere in the bottom of the pool.

For 4 months we have been trying to get them to return to fix the problem. Numerous phone calls not returned. They lie and say that service man has come by when in reality, no one showed up. The worst consumer experience we have ever had with this company.

Would never recommend them to anyone.

They are fraud. Will report to the consumer bureau.

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